Cool Videos: How to Train Your Dragon Live

I had no idea until just now that there was a live action stage version of HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON, and I'm guessing you probably didn't either.

It's in part through Dreamworks, who helped contribute and make some truly amazing set pieces, including the incredible dragon you're about to see in this video. Some details:

Teaming up with American film studio Dreamworks, the Creature Technology Company has built 24 huge, fire-breathing, flying dragon puppets to recreate the story of 3D animated film How To Train Your Dragon in an arena. The story...allows the creators to use more of the airspace in the arena, with puppets that soar from the ceiling. The dragon called Nightmare has a 14m wingspan and the largest villain in the show, Red Death, is so huge its head and neck alone are about the size of two of the largest beasts from Walking With Dinosaurs.

Watch the video, it's absolutely the coolest puppet that's ever existed, if you can even call it that.

Extra Tidbit: What's a movie that you could see working as a stage play?
Source: NZherald



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