Cool Videos: Judd Apatow and comedian Maria Bamford remember the '90s

Ah, the 1990s. Randy "The Ram" Robinson might have thought they sucked, but I have many fond memories about the decade. Bill Clinton was in office for most of it, directors like Kevin Smith, P.T. Anderson and Quentin Tarantino got their starts and dubstep didn't exist. Yes, the '90s were awesome.

Vanity Fair is celebrating its 100th anniversary and asked several filmmakers to make short videos about each decade. Judd Apatow decided to do one on the 1990s and also nabbed comedian Maria Bamford for the video. In it, Apatow and Bamford look at covers of Vanity Fair from that time and also talk about some of the major events and pop culture moments during the decade. Fun stuff, although Maria Bamford's voice is a little grating in a Kristen Schaal kind of way. You can also check out the videos for the other decades by Brett Ratner, Don Cheadle and Bryce Dallas Howard here.

"God, I wish we got the '80s."

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Extra Tidbit: Maria Bamford's favorite 90's movie is REALITY BITES. What's yours?
Source: Vanity Fair



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