Cool Videos: Lens Flare - The Movie

There was once a time when lens flares were seen as the result of bad cinematography; an accident or mistake during the process of attempting to capture a "clean" image. Fortunately, that time has passed, as lens flares have a become a normal and beautiful part of a film's visual dynamics. When used properly, or perhaps even better, when they happen serendipitously, they can gorgeously and artistically work in synergy with almost any given image.

Then came director J.J Abrams, who with STAR TREK and now SUPER 8, has become something of a lens flare pornographer. That's cool if you dig it, but if his blooming lights irk you at all, then LENS FLARE: THE MOVIE - by Chris Bauman and Linton Lewis - was made just for you.

Thanks to "Steve" for the heads up!

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Extra Tidbit: Got a favorite "lens flare" movie moment?
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