Cool Videos: Mixed martial arts short The Forge is both moving and impressive

At first, this concept struck me as a little strange; A suicide prevention video tied into a mixed martial arts short? But, I was compelled to watch nonetheless, especially after hearing the emotional story involved in its production. And, I'm glad I did. THE FORGE is an uplifting, exciting, beautifully shot and cut short that delves into the inner struggle that many fight daily to keep their head above water, especially those affected by thoughts of suicide and depression. Produced by Eric Lim, who financed the film with money his sister left him when she committed suicide with the instruction that he use the money to pursue his filmmaking dream, THE FORGE is powerful statement about overcoming your inner demons.

The short was directed by Stephen Reedy, who was nominated for an MTV movie award for his short UNDERCUT and cut trailers for TRANSFORMERS and SMOKIN' ACES. Rainn Wilson's SoulPancake You Tube Channel is hosting the short, which the actor passionately supports, saying:

The Forge is an incredibly rich and powerful film. The entire SoulPancake family was moved by Eric Lim's story and his love for his sister. Death is such a universal experience, but when a life ends too soon, it can be hard to express that grief. This film expresses those feelings beautifully, and we're grateful that Eric and Stephen Reedy have chosen to partner with our channel to share this with the world.

Check it out:

Source: SoulPancake



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