Cool Videos: Rob Zombie directs a Woolite commercial

Rob Zombie, the lead singer of White Zombie and director of HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and the HALLOWEEN remakes, is probably not the first guy you think of when you think of Woolite, the laundry detergent for your gentle clothes. Most recently the brand had Stacy London, co-host of "What Not to Wear," as the star of their TV ads so...Rob Zombie? Yes, Rob Zombie.

What's perhaps most interesting is that Woolite didn't seem to ask Zombie to tone it down at all. It's got all his usual touchmarks but all in service of their new tagline: "Some detergents torture your clothes - save them."

For his part, Zombie says the ads (which will feature a darker version in movie theaters) aren't really meant to be scary and feature a character that's not "some child killer out in the woods" but instead a fun Uncle Fester type character.

Whatever the case, check out Zombie's attempt at winning over the stay-at-home moms below:

Source: JoBlo.com



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