Cool Videos: Ryan Gosling confronts his own internet meme

If you weren't already aware, Ryan Gosling has his own meme on the internet. This meme takes various pictures of Gosling and adds text beginning with "Hey girl...". Gosling is portrayed mainly as this perfect and charismatic guy who really likes to cuddle. The blog owner of F*ck Yeah! Ryan Gosling makes some of the pictures and anyone can submit their own creations as well. They aren't all comedic gems, but a few made me giggle a bit.

During an interview with MTV, his meme was brought up along with a few samples. Gosling knew about his internet fame and proceeded to read some of the stuff that people had come up with. It's really funny to see how cracked up he gets over them.

Check out the video (when youtube uploads it I'll add it for those who have problems with MTV videos) and I've provided some samples of the Gosling meme.

Extra Tidbit: In case you didn't hear, BLUE VALENTINE beat the MPAA and got the rating of the film changed from an NC-17 to an R. HOORAY!
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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