Cool Videos: See if you can name which flicks the top 100 action movie one-liners come from

After enjoying a hearty meal and copious amounts of alcohol last night, I found myself watching one of my favorite Christmas movies: THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT. In between the Renny Harlin action setpieces, I found myself quoting the numerous brilliant Shane Black one-liners in the film. I began to think about how we don't get very many good action one-liners these days and lo and behold this video appears to me.

Coming in at just under 10 minutes, this supercut brings together 100 of the best one-liners from action movie history. Some of the films here stretch the term "action" but you will be hard pressed to find any of these that don't fit the title of greatest one-liners. I was also happy to see THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT made an appearance in the video amongst some that slipped my mind until I watched this.

"Die screaming, motherf*cker!"

Extra Tidbit: Any of your favorites not on the list?
Source: YouTube



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