Cool Videos: Somnolence

We see a lot of shorts from amateur filmmakers, but not many have sweet visuals and paramilitary guys fighting a crazy gun-covered beast bot. So SOMNOLENCE definitely deserves a look for that, at the very least.

The sci-fi flavored sequence, from writer/director Patrick Kalyn and producer Gabriel Napora, was put together as a proof of concept for a feature. Given the quality, don't be surprised to hear more about these guys and/or the project. Slick stuff.

The synopsis for the planned project: By 2031, the Earth has exhausted its supply of fossil fuels. With the world on the verge of collapse, nations from around the globe form a coalition called AREN; the 'Manhattan Project' of clean self-replenishing energy. When an experiment goes wrong that threatens the world's existence, David Canterra and a team of elite soldiers are sent on a mission to stop the anomaly. What they find is a mind-bending alternate dimension, and their only way home is through the fabric of time.

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Source: Triton Films



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