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It's important to have a cool sounding name if you're going to be a superhero or villain. If you're going to call yourself "The Taint Goblin," chances are the only way you're going to be stopping bad guys is if they can't run away because they are laughing too hard after you've told them your name. Or because you actually do have a creature that detaches from your taint and attacks people, but that's probably a little less likely.

Screen Junkies, the people behind Honest Trailers, have done a new supercut containing different superheroes introducing themselves. The most famous introduction might be Michael Keaton's "I'm Batman," but the supercut also contains superheroes that aren't from comics, such as the ones from MYSTERY MEN, ORGAZMO, SUPER and METEOR MAN. Jesus, I haven't thought about METEOR MAN in years. Anyway, enjoy this supercut of superheroes introducing themselves.

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Extra Tidbit: Which superhero introductions did Screen Junkies miss/forget?
Source: Screen Junkies



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