Cool Videos: The movie magic of Deadpool's visual effects


The best special effects a movie can employ are the ones that you don't even know exist. It's a matter of blending the real with the unreal to create a reality that only exists as a result of movie magic. In the moment, you don't see the seams, but when you get a chance later to take a step back and see the incredible work of the VFX team, it truly is amazing what can be done to make a film what it is.

DEADPOOL is a prime example. On the surface, the film seems like a simpler superhero movie operating under a much more moderate budget than what some of the bigger comic book franchises have in their wallet these days, but in taking a glance at this VFX reel from Atomic Fiction, I think you'll be surprised at how many practical effects were called upon in doing something like the highway chase sequence.

Once again, it's not about how they're made but how they're used, and I think we can all agree DEADPOOL blurred the lines rather magnificently.

Source: Atomic Fiction



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