Cool Videos: The Nice Guys go animated for promotional short


Go ahead and put your hands together for Warner Bros. this week. They are absolutely putting in the work in the PR department to get the word out about THE NICE GUYS. It's not like they have any other choice, squaring off against NEIGHBORS 2 and THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE at the box office this weekend... but you have to admire the creativity they've shown they still have in their operation that makes everything THE NICE GUYS they release out into the world eye-catching and different. 

First, they had producer Joel Silver bitching at Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling about the social media presence they need in order to make the movie a hit... And now they are animating the film's two stars for a short that gives you a general idea of their characters and the world the movie exists in. 

This is an animated series I would love to watch, if they ever went that way... but for now, I'll settle on a pretty cool waste of a minute today.

THE NICE GUYS opens in theaters tomorrow, May 20.


Source: Warner Bros.



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