Cool Videos: This live-action opener for The Simpsons is pretty awesome!

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UPDATE: The video is a bit old apparently and was originally done by the UK firm Devilfish for the British television channel Sky One. Regardless, it is still an excellent video.

The Simpsons' show opener is one of the most famous television openers of all time. You ask anyone to describe it and you'll get at least one of the following: Bart writing on the chalkboard, Lisa's saxophone solo, and/or the couch gag. It may have changed a little as the show got older, but it is still a classic.

Roux Média has a video up on their Facebook page of a live-action Simpsons opener. Would I ever want a feature length live-action Simpsons movie? God no. Please no. As great as it may look as soon as whatever actors they have playing Homer or Marge start to talk and it doesn't sound like the characters, for me personally it wouldn't be the same. But I'm totally down with this video and I definitely think it'll put a smile on your face.

In case you were wondering, Roux Média is a specialty school out of Canada. Unfortunately, their Facebook page is in French (which I'm not fluent in) so I'm not sure if there is a purpose for the video (was it a project? or someone just bored?) but they deserve a lot of credit for doing a pretty spot-on job. Take a look.

The Simpsons...in Real-D!

Extra Tidbit: I love the video but I kept thinking about the DENNIS THE MENACE live-action movie from the 90s while I was watching it. Another reason I wouldn't want live-action Simpsons movie.



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