Cool Videos: Tom Hiddleston's impression of Samuel L. Jackson as Loki is priceless

Tom Hiddleston's impression of Owen Wilson as Loki was great, but his Samuel L. Jackson might be even better. Hiddleston was approached by a reporter at the red carpet for his film ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE, and was asked to do an impression of Samuel L. Jackson as Loki. Why? Because fans demanded it, that's why! And since Tom Hiddleston is such a great dude he proceeded to deliver a hilarious, but short, impression of Jackson as the God of mischief.

It is a very short video, so I've also included some other impressions by the very talented actor that you may have missed, including ones of Alan Rickman, Owen Wilson (but not as Loki) and a velociraptor. Yes, I said velociraptor and (in case you were wondering) no, he has not been cast in JURASSIC WORLD because of his impression. Not yet, anyway.

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Extra Tidbit: Who wins in a battle between geek approved British actors: Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch?
Source: Youtube



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