Cool Videos: Watch President Obama play Daniel Day-Lewis for Steven Spielberg

Cool Videos

The annual White House Correspondents Dinner was on Saturday night and it was chock full of actors, athletes, celebrities and oh yeah, politicians. In recent years the event has been criticized for being too much about the famous faces (Lindsay Lohan was at the 2012 dinner...yikes) but I've enjoyed the different quotes and videos that have surfaced from previous dinners.

I'm sure most of you have seen this already but a video has been released that was taped for the event that has Steven Spielberg introducing his "new" movie. Inspired by his last film LINCOLN, the director has decided to do a biography on President Obama. And like LINCOLN, Daniel Day-Lewis and his fantastic method acting will be used once again to play a President of the United States. It's just too bad they couldn't actually get Daniel Day-Lewis for the video and dinner. I would give my left nut and most of the right one to see Day-Lewis play Obama à la Robert Downey Jr. in TROPIC THUNDER. So who's going to play Joe Biden? Tracy Morgan, of course.

"Why doesn't he get mad? If I was him I'd be mad all the time."

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Extra Tidbit: Obama may be funny but the unintentional humor that George W. Bush gave us for eight long years? Classic.



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