Cool Videos: Watch the Death Star destroy the USS Enterprise in this awesome fan made video

J.J. Abrams can now focus on STAR WARS: EPISODE VII since STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS is out for all to enjoy but fans have been foaming at the mouth since last year. But, true fans of both series have been daydreaming about a TREK/WARS crossover for decades. Enterprising fans (pun intended) have come up with fan fiction stories, art, and more since the 1980s. With the ready availability of technology and the Internet these days, there is even more of a chance for high quality entertainment bridging Starfleet with a galaxy far, far away.

This video gives us one fan's take on what would happen if somehow the Enterprise journeyed to a contemporary San Francisco occupied by the forces of the Galactic Empire. It plays like someone with a cellphone camera recorded the events as they happened, which gives a very surreal feel to this.

One way or another, the quality of this clip is pretty impressive and should reignite the old debate: who would win in a battle? STAR TREK or STAR WARS?

Source: Blastr



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