Corin Hardy directing Hell Bent for Paramount

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Look what happens when you finally get away from that cursed reboot of THE CROW that can't ever seem to get off the ground. You wind up taking the Dirty Dozen to hell. 

At least that's the way HELL BENT is being described over at Paramount and director Corin Hardy, finally detached from THE CROW after all Relativity's troubles, will be at the helm. (It is worth noting that Hardy could wind up back on THE CROW once all the legal issues surrounding the film are settled, but, for now, he's onto this in the meantime.)

HELL BENT though is a big priority for the studio, which thinks the film has big box office potential... and it's easy to see why. The film tells the story of a group of mercenaries who are murdered in a Brazilian prison. They then go to hell, led by a priest, with the mission of killing Satan before he can bring his wrath to the world. 

This thing sounds so insane that it could potentially work... or it could turn into END OF DAYS, where Arnold Schwarzenegger fought Satan, and everyone rolled their eyes. 

The goal is to land an ensemble of on-the-rise talent rather than A-list stars, in order to keep the budget in the moderate $60 million range... and because this is so different, Paramount hopes this might stand out among the crop of brands and franchises that audiences seem to be turning away from as of late. Could this be the "original concept" that some have been craving? I guess we'll find out in due time. 

Source: Deadline



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