Creed sequel looking to get into the ring for 2017

MGM and Warner Bros. had a hit on their hands late last year with CREED, and they are looking to waste not one second longer than they deem necessary in order to get a follow-up into the box office ring.

Per Variety, a November 2017 release date, which would put the sequel in theater within two years of the first CREED's release, is the target. However, with such a quick turnaround in play, that may leave filmmaker Ryan Coogler in the dust as far as the director's chair is concerned. With Marvel Studios and Coogler on a collision course, it would appear, to do business together in making BLACK PANTHER, it'd make CREED 2 a tough squeeze for Coogler's schedule. Coogler would presumably stay on in a producer's capacity, but given how much CREED was very much his vision, it'd be a huge blow to the potential future of the series to have his involvement lessened in any way.

With a few story ideas for CREED sequels failing to set the world on the fire among fans of the first film, any sequel could use all the help it could get... one would think that should include Coogler at all costs.

Source: Variety



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