Cross Arnett Decisions

This may be one of the best clips for a television show I've ever seen.

This Saturday, my good friend Ryan posted this clip to my wall on the Facebook. To my surprise it was a show I had heard a little about called, THE INCREASINGLY POOR DECISIONS OF TODD MARGARET. David Cross and English actor, Shaun Pye, who you might know from the series EXTRAS from Ricky Gervais, are the writers for MARGARET.

Sadly, it will only be shown for now on Channel 4 in the UK. A clip from the pilot has created a quick buzz this weekend on the internet. Perhaps someone from one of the networks here in the states will see this and want to pick it up. When you watch the clip, you'll see that it might be something good for a network like HBO.

The series is about a guy named Todd Margaret (Cross) who lucks out and gets an amazing job offer with his company from his confrontational boss (Will Arnett). Oh, and you're right, the one with glasses getting called a 'f*cktard' is Spike Jonze. The last thing he acted in was THREE KINGS. Please someone, anyone pick this up. I don't mind watching it on the internet but it would be nice to see it on my television.

Extra Tidbit: I first found David Cross on MR. SHOW WITH BOB AND DAVID. Damn that was an excellent show.
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