Crowe is Watson?

Update: Rumor, predictably, debunked.

Russell Crowe We don't like to feed crazy internet rumors but it's Labor Day weekend so there isn't a lot to report today and most of you aren't paying attention right now anyway. So on with the crazy internet rumor of the day!

The Sun is claiming that Russell Crowe is apparently thisclose to signing on to play Watson alongside Robert Downey Jr.'s Sherlock Holmes in writer/director Guy Ritchie's upcoming modernized adaptation of the iconic detective. They say: "Russell wants the part, Guy wants Russell. All they’ve got left to do is dot the i’s and cross the t’s." Really? Russell Crowe wants to play second fiddle to someone else?

Either way, in this installment, Holmes isn't just a super sleuth. He's a super sleuth who kicks ass, take names and bangs his way across London's hottie population. Thoughts?

Extra Tidbit: The last person to play Watson on screen is Roger Morlidge in the 2002 TV movie SHERLOCK.
Source: The Sun



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