Daisy Ridley rumored to be in consideration for the Tomb Raider reboot

Daisy Ridley might not have been a household name a year ago, but a little film called THE FORCE AWAKENS changed all that. She may be knee-deep in filming STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII right now, but that's not going to stop studios from considering her for other films. Case in point, TOMB RAIDER. According to Deadline, Daisy Ridley might be one of the names up for Warner Bros. and MGM's reboot of the franchise. The story (for those not in the know) follows English Tomb Raider archaeologist Lara Croft and her quest to NOT seem like a total ripoff of Indiana Jones.

To be fair, the latest Tomb Raider video games have done a pretty great job at recreating Lara Croft in a way that doesn't seem like Indy. Granted, we could argue that Uncharted did it better, but that's beside the point. Ridley's a great actress and while I have a feeling her plate's a little full right now with STAR WARS, I wouldn't be upset at all to see her rocking dual pistols or a bow and arrow!

Who would you like to see play Lara Croft?

Source: Deadline



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