Dan Stevens set to front Legion pilot, along with Aubrey Plaza & Jean Smart

FX is welcoming THE GUEST into its pilot for their X-MEN television series LEGION.

Dan Stevens will be starring in the show's pilot, with Aubrey Plaza and Jean Smart also being announced as major additions to the series' cast.

Stevens will play David Heller, who the series is primarily built around, who is more than a man (**cough**mutant**cough**) but has been dealing with mental illness since his younger years. However, he is soon facing the real prospect that the schizophrenia he has been diagnosed with isn't quite that, but real visions and voices.

Going back to the Marvel comics, Heller is the son of charles Xavier and Gabrielle Heller, so that should give you some indication as to his powers and capabilities.

As for Plaza, she'll play David's friend Lenny with a troubled past who always believes her life is going to find a better path, giving David an optimistic presence to help him get through some of his dark days.

Smart, on the other hand, will play a therapist who may believe there is more to David's illness than the medical professionals are willing to accept.

Rachel Keller has already been cast as the show's femald lead Syd, the girl of David's dreams who keeps him pressing on even after he's thought of giving up.

No premiere date has been set for LEGION, but FX has set production for March to see how things come together. If good, then LEGION will be full steam ahead for cable airing in no time.

Source: Variety



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