David Ayer in early talks to direct Scarface remake

The Al Pacino SCARFACE has achieved a legendary status since its release in 1983, and so naturally a remake is coming. The movie has been struggling for a bit to hold a director, but now that empty box is very close to being checked-off as director David Ayer is in early negotiations to helm the flick.

Deadline got the news the SUICIDE SQUAD director is close to sealing the deal for the flick months after Antoine Fuqua bowed-out of the project due to scheduling conflicts. Bringing the story of an immigrant working his way up to crime lord status to the new 21st century, this new version will take place in Los Angeles with Diego Luna set to star. The most recent draft of the script was written by the Coen Brothers.

Ayer is also attached the upcoming female-led villain team movie, GOTHAM CITY SIRENS, so there’s no word yet on if his duties on that film could conflict with SCARFACE. Given why Fuqua left the project chances are high the studio wanted to make sure Ayer will have time to do both...or just SCARFACE.

Ayer has been getting the opportunity to do bigger films in recent years, like FURY and SQUAD, but his roots have always been firm in the crime genre, like TRAINING DAY, STREET KINGS and END OF WATCH. This makes him a solid choice to helm the project, one that we now know will be suitably violent and dark. Ayer has never been one to shy away from the honesty of the world he;s depicting, which is exactly what this movie needs to feel relevant.

Source: Deadline



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