David S. Goyer to direct adaptation of sci-fi thriller The Breach

Screenwriter/Producer David S. Goyer is taking a "batbreak" with his first solo directing gig after working on THE DARK KNIGHT trilogy and the new MAN OF STEEL/BATMAN VS SUPERMAN/JUSTICE LEAGUE films with THE BREACH, an adpatation of the 2009 novel by Patrick Lee. The sci-fi thriller will be produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura for Lionsgate and features the kind of adventure shenanigans that fit right in line with Goyer's sensibilities.

Here's the story breakdown (via Amazon):

Thirty years ago, in a facility buried beneath a vast Wyoming emptiness, an experiment gone awry accidentally opened a door.

It is the world’s best-kept secret—and its most terrifying.

Trying to regain his life in the Alaskan wilds, ex-con/ex-cop Travis Chase stumbles upon an impossible scene: a crashed 747 passenger jet filled with the murdered dead, including the wife of the President of the United States. Though a nightmare of monumental proportions, it pales before the terror to come, as Chase is dragged into a battle for the future that revolves around an amazing artifact.

Allied with a beautiful covert operative whose life he saved, Chase must now play the role he’s been destined for—a pawn of incomprehensible forces or humankind’s final hope—as the race toward Apocalypse begins in earnest.

Because something is loose in the world.

And doomsday is not only possible . . . it is inevitable.

THE BREACH is the first of a three novel series, followed by Ghost Country and Deep Sky. To me, this is one of those projects that sounds really cool, but could easily fit into the made-for-cable market just as easily. Having not read the novel, it's impossible to say if the characters are compelling enough to fit into such a complex plot, but usually in such adaptations a lot of that is sacrificed in order to meet a run time. Goyer definitely has his work cut out for him.

THE BREACH is currently being fast-tracked by Lionsgate. In the meantime, Goyer is currently at work on the second season of Da Vinci's Demons, BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE, and the newly picked up Constantine TV series for NBC.

Source: THR



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