David Spade to star in Netflix's bad dad comedy Who Would Win?

Remember being on the playground, and talking shit with your friends about whose dad could beat up who? Yeah, me neither. Was that ever a thing? Or is this an example of one of those things that TV and movies say are commonplace - like tracing chalk around a dead body or the 555 area code - that actually only exist in movie universes? I guess I'll find out in the comments.

Anyway, a new Happy Madison/Netflix team-up is coming out called WHO WOULD WIN? which, according to Deadline, "centers around the buffoonery that ensues when a playful debate between two buddies about whose father would win in a fight is taken seriously by one of the dads." It will fortunately not star Adam Sandler, but unfortunately will star David Spade - alongside THE DESCENDENTS' Nat Faxon - as the two bad dads. 

Now, I gotta admit, out of the recent synopsises coming out of Netflix's partnership with Happy Madison (which includes garbage like RIDICULOUS 6), this is probably one of the more interesting ones. It could deal with themes of how sad and fragile toxic masculinity can be, and show the extremes certain aging white males will go to try to keep that philosophy alive through something as arbitrary as those playground "whose dad would win" things.

But more likely it'll be another "weakling has to learn to be a man and stand up for himself" bullshit, which would be as disappointing as it'd be predictable and expected.

Meanwhile, no official release date yet, but we'll keep you updated.

Extra Tidbit: I wonder if David Spade would actually be better in a fight than he looks.
Source: Deadline



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