De Niro and Gibson

Robert De Niro has signed on to co-star with Mel Gibson in the upcoming police thriller EDGE OF DARKNESS. Based on the award-winning BBC miniseries of the same name, the film will star Gibson as a cop who returns home to find his 24-year-old daughter is murdered. The formerly straight-laced cop investigates the crime, assuming it was a hit meant for him, but he uncovers numerous secrets that are too spoilery to even tease here. De Niro would star as an "operative" (Why can't I ever be an operative? What a cool sounding job title...) sent to clean up the evidence at the murder scene. Considering they are at opposite ends of this murder, you would expect a De Niro/Gibson confrontation at some point in this movie. Now that's pretty cool but then again a De Niro/Pacino movie is coming out this fall and I could care less. Sad how the might have fallen but that's what SHOWTIME and ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE will do to you. Martin Campbell, who also directed the original for BBC, will directing EDGE later this month in Massachusetts.

Extra Tidbit: Remember how awesome it was when De Niro and Pacino finally did HEAT together?
Source: Variety



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