Dead Silence trailer

For anyone who wondered what happened to the dude behind the original SAW movie (co-writer & director James Wan), he went on to create yet another creepy looking horror movie called DEAD SILENCE (we recently covered its set visit HERE) and it's now gearing up for a March 16th release, with a new poster (to the right, click to see enlarged), an up-to-date website and a trailer, which you can check out RIGHT HERE or below. The film co-stars Donnie Wahlberg and the very hot Amber Valetta, and yes, features more creepy doll action, but this time, hundreds of them, as opposed to just that one midget dude riding a tricycle. We'll be having a pretty damn cool contest for this film pretty soon as well, so stay tuned to the site for that. Until then, check out the trailer and let us know what think you!

Extra Tidbit: Amber Valletta once dated Leo DiCaprio, is a vegetarian and had small parts in such films as WHAT LIES BENEATH, THE FAMILY MAN and HITCH.
Source: Universal



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