Deadpool 2 tracking for a whopping $150 million opening weekend

The first DEADPOOL movie annihilated expectations by making $132 million it’s opening weekend, which is just about how much people expected it to make in its entire run. With the sequel about three weeks away many are speculating if the Merc with a Mouth will be able to match those same dizzying heights. If the opening weekend projections are any indication, Big Red is going to the first movie’s box office seem like chump change. Chump change, I tell ya!

Word is (via THR) that the upcoming DEADPOOL 2 starring Ryan Reynolds is expected to exceed the big opening of the first movie by around $20 million with a $150 million opening weekend, with that number likely to go up as we get closer to the release. AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR will be about three weeks old by that point, and though that movie will still be making heaps of money it will leave fans wanting for a new blockbuster movie to flock to.

Now, though the opening may be bigger, DEADPOOL 2 won’t get to hold onto that crown for long as SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY comes hot on its heels the next week. Nothing else truly big will come out until June 15 (THE INCREDIBLES 2), so it will be interesting to see if DP2 can have the same legs as its predecessor. Oh, but I forgot OCEAN’S 8 on June 8. How silly of me to forget such massive competition. I’m so foolish…

What will ultimately effect DP2’s run is the reception from both fan and critics, which can make or break a sequel. Should folks not like this new movie as much it will diminish the likelihood of repeat viewings, but if they're good, people could go back again for more. But, the character has become so popular perhaps he can rise above all that stuff and make people flock to him no matter what. He has this animal magnetism about him that is both terrifying and alluring. 

DEADPOOL 2 arrives May 18.

Source: THR



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