Deadpool tells fans not to spoil Deadpool 2 by spoofing Infinity War letter

As the release date of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR was approaching directors Joe and Anthony Russo posted a letter telling viewers not to spoil the movie for everyone else. Noble words of wisdom, they were. Of course, leave it to Deadpool to deliver his own version of the “Keep your mouth shut” letter, with actor Ryan Reynolds posting it on social media.

The letter comes as the first fan screenings of the movie draw near, and it asks for those who see it to not unveil any key details of the movie – like how David Blaine catches bullets in his mouth at one point.  Ultimately, everyone who sees it needs to not reveal the spoiler that Deadpool dies at the very end. Eh, that part isn't a spoiler, right?

The movie will have its first screenings on Monday, a few days before the movie comes out next Friday. INFINITY WAR also waited this long to show the movie to some people, and we can only take from this that those who died in INFINITY WAR must have a second life in DP2. I knew it.

I can’t imagine DEADPOOL 2 being a movie filled with shocking reveals, but like the letter says, there’s probably a lot of cool shit in there, and it’s probably better going into it with none of it spoiled. Look, we can’t stop you from doing such a terrible thing like spoiling a movie, but Deadpool seems like someone who would turn you into a kebob for doing that. Best to just do what the letter says.

DEADPOOL 2 arrives May 18.

Source: Ryan Reynolds



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