Death Defying poster

After the success of THE ILLUSIONIST and THE PRESTIGE, I see a new genre emerging that I'd describe as 'movies about magicians that lived a long time ago and the women they loved'. Catchy, right? I say this because I came across a poster for a film called DEATH DEFYING ACTS, starring Guy Pearce and Catherine Zeta-Jones, which follows the legendary escape artist Harry Houdini at the the peak of his powers.

It isn't based on a true story, but rather follows the magician as he tries to contact his dead mother to figure out her secrets. In comes Zeta's character, a poor, single mother who uses her daughter (Saorsie Ronan, about to break big as the star of THE LOVELY BONES) to trick audience members into thinking she's a psychic. Once she tries to put the hustle on Harry, things start getting a little hairy. I hadn't heard about this movie until now, which is strange considering its star power. The film was directed by Gillian Armstrong (CHARLOTTE GRAY) and comes out on January 12. Check out the poster BELOW.

Extra Tidbit: That tagline is bullshit. I escaped love last week.
Source: impawards.com



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