Death Race 2 details

If you enjoyed the superficial car carnage of Paul WS Anderson's DEATH RACE remake but missed the pedestrian slaughter and social satire of the original Corman classic, it doesn't sound like you'll get it in the direct-to-video follow-up either.

According to the casting call that appeared over at Spoiler TV, the DVD sequel is actually a prequel called DEATH RACE: FRANKENSTEIN LIVES. The plot (which sounds more like a remake of Anderson's own movie): "Newly arrived at Terminal Island, a prison for the most nonredeemable of convicts, CARL "LUKE" LUCAS must prove his mettle in a race to the death."

The production is seeking an any-ethnicity actor to wear the Frankenstein mask (now that Jason Statham drove off to happiness with Tyrese Gibson), plus the female villain who dreamed up the Death Race concept as the new reality show craze. They're also seeking random humans to play inmates with names like Big Bill, Gunner, Rocco, Lists and Jesus Luna.

Check out all the details RIGHT HERE.

Extra Tidbit: In the Carradine/Stallone-starring original, the point system for running over pedestrians went something like this: Man - 10 points. Woman -20 points. Teenager - 40 points. Kids under 12 - 70 points. Elderly over 75 - 100 points.
Source: SpoilerTV



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