Deleted Age of Ultron scene better explains what Thor was doing in that cave

So what the hell was Thor doing in that cave during AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON?

I know there are some that would argue it was a convenient time for Chris Hemsworth to take his shirt off for a certain segment of the fandom, given that Thor didn't really have much else to do in the film. But Thor was supposed to have something a little crisper as it pertains to his knowledge of the Infinity Stones and how to stop Ultron. (That is what happened in the film, right? Sorry, I was already thinking about CIVIL WAR before it was over.)

Unfortunately, for Thor, Joss Whedon had to make some cuts in order to get the running time under control, so we didn't wind up with a four hours of set-up for the next Phase. Two-and-a-half was somehow more palatable. And that left a reworked Thor scene in the cave and the pool that dealt more with visions that werent well explained, as opposed to the God of Thunder being possessed by the Norn and a better blueprint laid out for just what in the hell was going on.

The original scene has now surfaced though, in deleted fashion, giving us a better understand of Thor's initial purpose, and while it tonally doesn't match up with the rest of AGE OF ULTRON, it certainly would have made things much clearer for the audience to grasp.

Source: Marvel



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