Denzel Washington returning to director's chair... for Grey's Anatomy

If I were to tell you that Denzel Washington was hopping behind the camera once again, ready to throw his weight behind directing a project, you'd be all for it, right?

ANTWONE FISHER and THE GREAT DEBATERS turned out well, and Denzel is Denzel, so whatever he wants to do typically sounds good to the rest of us as long as we get to see the results.

Now what if I pull the rug out from you a bit and let you know that Washington has signed on to direct his next thing... it just so happens it's going to be an episode of ABC's hit medical drama GREY'S ANATOMY. Still excited?

I'd hope so. Denzel is still Denzel when all is said and done. So what if he's not doing what you were expecting?

Per TVLine, Washington will be helming the ninth episode of the series' 12th season. This shouldn't be too much of a surprise, considering Washington is reportedly longtime friends with GREY'S ANATOMY executive producer/director Debbie Allen. Sometimes people just like to do work with those they get along with. Granted, this seems like an out of left field choice for Denzel Washington, but hey... the guy can do whatever the hell he wants at this point, so more power to him if this is where he finds some happiness and creative expression.

Source: TVLine



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