Despite Lucy Lawless' claims, NBC is developing a reboot of Xena

It is the 1990s all over again. With Twin Peaks and The X-Files returning our way over the next couple of years, what other TV series of the decade can be brought back for a new round of episodes? How about Xena: Warrior Princess? If sources at The Hollywood Reporter are right, the Lucy Lawless series may be in development.

Despite the sources claiming the idea is in the extremely early stages of development, the word is that series creators Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert are involved and on the lookout for a writer. NBC would presumably want Lucy Lawless involved either on screen or behind the scenes, but that came as news to the actress set to reunite with her Xena creators and co-star Bruce Campbell on Starz's Ash vs Evil Dead.

NBC is said to be looking to make Xena a modern reboot with the new lead character a cross between Lucy Lawless and THE HUNGER GAMES' Katniss Everdeen. I would assume the series would still be set in a fantasy realm and feature extensive special effects. The original Xena was a syndicated hit that paid homage to classic Ray Harryhausen effects and had a pulpy feel to it. If NBC is aiming to make the new version a glossy, big budget drama using the Xena plot, it could turn out really good or really bad.

Lucy Lawless claiming it is just a rumor would not be the first time NBC has developed a series without the original creator's involvement. I was never a big viewer of Xena when it was on but I am not opposed to seeing this happen. With Game of Thrones such a big hit, NBC could do worse than bring the warrior princess back to life.



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