Details concerning the Incredibles 2 villain Screenslaver have been revealed

After releasing an action-packed trailer last week for Pixar's highly-anticipated super sequel, INCREDIBLES 2, the studio has shared some new information regarding the film's new villain, Screenslaver. For those of you who've already watched the footage, you'll undoubtedly have taken note of Screenslaver's menacing visage, which includes the villain wearing something akin to a skintight gimp suit (of sorts) complete with a Bane-like mouthpiece. If I'm being honest, I think the ensemble makes the character look pretty terrifying, as in some ways Screenslaver's look reminds me of the children from the Doctor Who episode "Are You My Mummy?" I never would have thought that a Pixar villain would have the potential to fuel my nightmares, and yet, here we are.

Of course, the question on everyone's mind is: Who exactly is Screenslaver, and how does the character pose a threat to the Incredible family? Well, in the trailer, we saw evidence of the character using TV and computer screens to hypnotize innocent viewers. Additionally, we also know that the blue goggles he wears contain some manner of hypnotic power, though the extent of that feature has yet to be established.

Upon further investigation into the character, we've learned that Screenslaver lives in an out-of-the-way space beneath an overpass. While this locale is less than intimidating when first considered, need I remind you that plenty of shady stuff lurks within the shadows of a thriving metropolis. There's also the old saying that "One person's trash is another one's treasure" to consider, as we now know that Screenslaver has used discarded items to build his evil lair. Ugh! Can you imagine what Screenslaver is likely to smell like? What about the villain's breath? Let's hope the Incredibles carry a pack of Trident in the waistband of their super suits, amiright?

According to franchise writer/director Brad Bird, Screenslaver was designed as the main villain of Incredibles 2 with the intent of conveying the idea that attachment to screens can be a major problem in our world. In fact, Bird addressed the themes of the sequel directly during a recent Q&A held at Pixar Studios by saying:

"We have things about, again exploring the roles of men and women, the importance of fathers participating, the importance of allowing women to also express themselves through work and they are just as viable as men are and there's aspects of being controlled by screens, there's feelings about the difficulties of parenthood, that parenting is a heroic act."

While some might find the role-reversal of Elastigirl taking center stage to be jarring, others are bound to see it as a progressive step for Pixar, a studio known for pushing the boundaries of animation beyond fan expectations. How are you feeling about INCREDIBLES 2? Are you excited to learn more about Screenslaver, when the movie arrives? Let us know in the comments section below.

INCREDIBLES 2 starring Samuel L. Jackson, Sophia Bush, Holly Hunter, Craig T. Nelson, Catherine Keener, Jonathan Banks, Bob Odenkirk and Sarah Powell will superhero land in theaters on June 15th.

Source: Comicbook.com



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