The Incredibles are back in action in new action-packed trailer

America’s favorite superpowered family, the Incredibles, will make their long-awaited return this summer with THE INCREDIBLES 2. Yesterday we got the main poster for the film, and now you will be treated to a brand-new, action-packed trailer featuring our best look at the story yet while getting our first taste of the movie’s big baddie. Now with the 2018 money, the action looks far slicker and more elaborate this time around, with Violet, in particular, getting to unleash some awesome abilities. And of, course, Jack-Jack is constantly glitching out. Babies, amiright??

In this new movie, the roles are shifted from the first, with Elastigirl/Helen Parr (Holly Hunter) becoming the big new hero of the family, as she is tasked with giving superheroes a good name again after years of them being in exile. As for Mr. Incredible/Bob Parr (Craig T. Nelson), he must now be the one to handle the kids' math homework, teen angst, and the shape-shifting baby. But soon, the whole family - and Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson) must come together to fight a major threat and prove why they should all just do super-heroing full time. 

THE INCREDIBLES is one of the most beloved movies in the Pixar canon, and a sequel has been demanded for some time. As I said before, the incredible action looks much bigger this time around thanks to some impressive advances in animation, and this new trailer finally shows off some major thrills. This will surely be one of the biggest films of the summer, with the last Pixar sequel, FINDING DORY, making an obscene amount of money. The superhero genre has only gotten bigger since 2004, so maybe this movie can blow those little fish out of the water at the box office. 

THE INCREDIBLES 2 arrives June 15. 

Source: Disney



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