Dillon is an Old Dog

Matt Dillon Matt Dillon is in talks to star opposite Robin Williams, John Travolta and Kelly Preston in the upcoming comedy OLD DOGS, a film Disney is hoping they can fool people into thinking is either actually a re-release of WILD HOGS or a quickie sequel. Which is why they've hired WILD HOGS director Walt Becker to bring that middle-aged men engage in age-inappropriate hijinks magic once again. The film follows a divorced father of six year-old twins and his womanizing business partner who are left to care for the kids for two weeks. Dillon will play the homophobic director of a camp where they take the kids who believes that the clueless men are actually gay lovers come to gay-ify the camp. Needless to say, he ensures they suffer through many pratfalls and hijinks for their presumed gayness. Dillon can next be seen in Francis Ford Coppola's drama TETRO.

Extra Tidbit: Dillon was the original choice for "Butch Coolidge" in PULP FICTION.



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