Disney looks to challenge Sony with a Robin Hood franchise of thier own


Back in October we caught wind of a pitch by writer Corey Goodman (PRIEST, THE LAST WITCH HUNTER) and Jeremy Lott that Sony was eager to scoop up. The pitch was that of HOOD; a Robin Hood film in the vein of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE and the recent FAST AND FURIOUS films with potential for spin-off films fearing the Merry Men. Not content to stand idly by while Sony plunder the apparent Robin Hood booty, Disney has optioned Brandon Barker's take entitled NOTTHINGHAM & HOOD. While spin-off films weren't discussed, the story is supposed to be very PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN-esque in nature, in hopes of starting a new franchise. Anyone want to take any bets on where the eccentric Johnny Depp character fits in?

Actually, I'm all for a Robin Hood film that delivers fun and adventure. Ridley Scott's opus was forgettable at best, so I suppose either Sony or Disney have to get it right, yeah? The comparisons don't exactly thrill me, but no one really expected PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN to turn out the way it did, so who knows? If the story is solid and they put it in the hands of the right director, maybe we'll get something worthwhile. But seriously, where are they going to shoehorn in Johnny Depp?

I would not object to them workin' Blinkin in there somewhere.

Extra Tidbit: Who would be your ideal Robin Hood?
Source: Deadline



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