Disney will reportedly increase its offer for Fox after Comcast bid

Did anyone really think that Disney was going to let Comcast get the upper hand over them in the battle for 20th Century Fox? Oh, child, don’t think that for a moment. Not too long after Comcast outbid Disney’s offer for the movie and TV branch of 21st Century Fox, the news is that the House of Mouse is ready to sweeten their initial pot.

CNBC is reporting that Disney is expected to add a cash deal to their offer, which will add to their previous offer of $52 billion in stock (now valued at $55 billion). This comes after Comcast offered a cash bid of $65 billion for the Fox assets, a move spurred by the outcome of the AT&T/Time Warner deal, in which the government allowed the telecommunications company to purchase the entertainment titan in a landmark decision.

The Fox board is expected to meet on Wednesday, and should they go with Comcast's offer Disney will have five days to make their counteroffer. As fun as it would be for these two titans to clash until the end of days, a final decision from Fox is expected to be made by the end of the summer.

CNBC had previously reported that Disney was expected to add to its initial offer after talks of Comcast making a bid began to heat up, refusing to give up the deal so easily. Losing the deal would be a big hit for Disney, as it means it would not get the bevy of content Fox holds the rights to. This includes the rights to X-Men movies, AVATAR, the ALIEN franchise, THE SIMPSONS, FAMILY GUY, as well as tons of other content and Fox’s controlling stake in Hulu. Comcast (which already owns NBCUniversal) would also benefit greatly from the deal by expanding their entertainment market around the world. The battle rages on, my friends!

Source: CNBC
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