Disney XD releases Star Wars Rebels clip about the legend of the Darksaber

I swear, someone at Lucasfilm has definitely read my fan-fic back from my (overtly) Goth days in Junior High, because this is most certainly something I would have come up with then while blasting Marilyn Manson and Birthday Massacre. So Disney XD has just released a clip from STAR WARS REBELS that goes into depth about the legend of the Darksaber, a lightsaber that is literally as black as my soul (as 14-year old Damion would say). Let's take a look:

Admittedly, I am a bad nerd, and have not kept up with STAR WARS REBELS at all. And besides playing some videogames and a D20 tabletop variant (where I played a Kushiban bounty hunter), I have never really ventured out of the main movie's continuity. So everything in the clip where the characters ramble on about "Legends tell..." and "The house of..." and "[some important guy's name that's hard to remember or pronounce]" went right over my head. But that's what I love about sci-fi and fantasy! Their rich mythology! So if you're getting a kick out REBELS and the legend of the Gothsaber, more power to you. I am honestly envious.

Disney XD is currently airing the back-half of STAR WARS REBELS season 3.

Extra Tidbit: While looking up "Dark Saber" in Google images for this article, literally every result was for some anime chick with a large sword. Scrolling down to find STAR WARS images got weird (and NSFW) quickly.
Source: YouTube



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