Do you want to play a game again? WarGames gets a remake

Before you can even finish recuperating from the recently released preview of the FOOTLOOSE remake, Hollywood is yet again diving back into the 80s for more material to drag into the 21st century.

The tech-thriller WARGAMES is getting a remake at MGM, which is apparently trying to survive post-bankruptcy by cannibalizing and regurgitating their own back catalog (POLTERGEIST, CARRIE and ROBOCOP remakes are among their other projects, and their RED DAWN remake is done and awaiting release).

The remake is coming from THE KING OF KONG director Seth Gordon, who will have to figure out how to update the comparatively archaic technology in a way that will excite the iPhone generation. Gordon's dark comedy HORRIBLE BOSSES opens on July 8th.

The original 1983 hit starred Matthew Broderick as a teenage computer whiz who hacks into a US military computer to play some global thermonuclear war simulations, only to inadvertently place the planet in peril. It was directed by John Badham (STAKEOUT) and also starred Ally Sheedy, Dabney Coleman and a huge circuit box named WOPR.

The movie was followed in 2008 by WARGAMES: THE DEAD CODE, a low-budget pseudo-sequel you probably never saw unless you were in it.

Extra Tidbit: Unless they follow through with global devastation at the end of this remake, I'm not too sure how many surprises or thrills there will be to expect...
Source: Deadline



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