The new international trailer for Don't Be Afraid of the Dark is pretty damn creepy

The first trailer we got for DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK felt more like a teaser. Now Empire has the exclusive on a longer, creepier, yet not too revealing international trailer.

I've known to stay the f*ck away from anything that says, "Come play with us" thanks to THE SHINING. No, I will not come play with you. Go find someone else to prey on Satan! I have an axe! Little Sally is constantly tormented by these tiny creatures who want to take her to claim her as their own. Yeah, the house looks cool, but you should really get that kid out of there.

"Sally Hurst (Bailee Madison), a lonely, withdrawn child, has just arrived in Rhode Island to live with her father Alex (Guy Pearce) and his new girlfriend Kim (Katie Holmes) at the 19th-century mansion they are restoring. While exploring the sprawling estate, the young girl discovers a hidden basement, undisturbed since the strange disappearance of the mansion's builder a century ago. When Sally unwittingly lets loose a race of ancient, dark-dwelling creatures who conspire to drag her down into the mysterious house’s bottomless depths, she must convince Alex and Kim that it’s not a fantasy—before the evil lurking in the dark consumes them all."

Source: Empire



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