Double the Gyllenhaal in this teaser clip and poster for Denis Villeneuve's Enemy

While Jake Gyllenhaal's work with director Denis Villeneuve may first be reaching audiences in America with PRISONERS today, their next collaboration is coming soon and we now have a look at the poster and teaser for that film, ENEMY. Our very own Chris Bumbray reviewed the film and called it a mindf*ck in the tradition of David Lynch and David Cronenberg. That is enough for me to have to see ENEMY.

ENEMY stars Gyllenhaal as a university professor who discovers that he has a doppelganger in an out-of-work actor, with a pregnant wife (Sarah Gadon) and some potentially dangerous hobbies. The film could not be more different than PRISONERS and that shows a great deal of ability from the director and star. Gyllenhaal has always been a talented actor and seeing him strike up a creative partnership with Villeneuve gives me great hope for a lot of movies to come.

This teaser features a voice-over from Gyllenhaal discussing dictatorships as we see snippets of incongruous footage from the film. The cinematography appears to be inline with what Roger Deakins filmed for PRISONERS, despite being lensed by Nicolas Bolduc. Definitely intriguing with a trippy poster to boot.

ENEMY opens sometime in 2014.

Source: Fotogramas



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