Doug Liman in talks to take over directing duties on Tony Scott's Narco Sub

While lots of Tony Scott projects were in development at his untimely death, one we have not heard a lot about was NARCO SUB. The film will take place in the drug world and focus on the titular subs that carry narcotics from South America to the U.S. The film was written by David Guggenheim (SAFE HOUSE) and Simon Kinberg. After Scott's death it has remained in limbo until this latest news.

The Wrap states that Liman is in the early stages of negotiations, so it may not pan out, but I think he would be a great fit for the material. While I hold Tony Scott in much higher esteem than Liman, the director of THE BOURNE IDENTITY, MR. AND MRS. SMITH, and GO has a kinetic visual style that is reminiscent of Scott's work. Ridley Scott and his late brother will still be attached to NARCO SUB through their Scott Free banner which is producing the flick.

It is times like these that I miss Tony Scott and think about all of the projects from the last couple of years that would have been all the better if he was behind the camera. He will be missed. But, it is also nice to know that Doug Liman is getting some cool gigs as well. He also has a movie called EVEREST in development. I hope we see more from him as well.

Extra Tidbit: I need to go rewatch GO.
Source: The Wrap



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