New Rampage pic finds Dwayne Johnson walking tall with a gorilla

We’ve seen tons of video game movies come and go, but never have we seen one where as much crap is destroyed as in RAMPAGE, nor one with as many large creatures, which among them includes Dwayne Johnson. The actor normally towers over his costars, but in this new film, he’s a pipsqueak next to the monstrous animals, as you can see in a new image for the movie.

Coming from EW, the image shows Johnson walking among some chaos, with the massive albino gorilla George following close behind. Johnson plays Davis Okoye in the film, who works closely with George before he goes ape-s**t. Normally looking cool and not caring what’s going on behind you is reserved for walking away from explosions, but clearly, it also works for walking away from gorillas.

Click to embiggen...but be warned the pic may get too big and destroy your neighborhood. You've been warned.

We got our first look at the movie with the trailer not too long ago, and it promised an onslaught of carnage at the hands of several large beasts, including a massive wolf and an even larger crocodile. The movie is based on the popular video game, which dominated arcades for years, and earned the quarters of millions of people, including a young Johnson when he would hang out at a local pool hall:

I had no business in this pool hall, by the way [laughing]. I would hang out there during school hours and then really late at night, and I’d not only be playing pool but also playing Rampage.

The movie aims to be more than just a smash-and-destroy action flick, and one that instead is all about man’s relationship with nature, an idea that comes to life in the bond between Johnson and George. That’s all well and good, but people are surely going to fill up the seats to see all the chaos and building smashing, so luckily it seems we’ll be getting plenty of that in the flick. Mind you, I do intend on paying for my ticket in quarters.

RAMPAGE hits theaters April 20, 2018.

Source: EW



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