Early Incredibles 2 reactions praise the hilarious and heroic sequel

One of the most anticipated movies of the year – nay! – the decade is only a week away, and fans can hardly contain themselves. INCREDIBLES 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the beloved 2004 original, and the movie will have incredibly big shoes to fill. How does it stack up? The first round of critics and journalists (and Pixar alum Patton Oswalt) have seen the movie and it seems Pixar has done it again. The early reactions are raving about the movie’s heart, humor and tremendous action scenes, with viewers claiming that director Brad Bird has delivered a worthy sequel. Composer Michael Giacchino is also getting some praise for his terrific work on the score. Some reactions say the story may not be as fresh as the one in the original, but it seems that hardly distracts from the animated superhero thrills.

Read some of the reactions below!

Like always you should wait to see the movie for yourselves in order to make up your own mind, but it seems people are loving this new movie about as much as you want them to. Pixar doesn't have the best track record with recent sequels, which includes the forgettable CARS 2 & 3, and MONSTERS UNIVERSITY. Even FINDING DORY, which earned great reviews and made hundreds of millions at the box office, fell short of the original's legacy. Hopefully, INCREDIBLES 2 packs enough of a wallop to meets the standards of the original, thus becoming the hero of the summer movie season.

INCREDIBLES 2 arrives June 15.

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