Elizabeth Banks may direct Charlie's Angels into flight again

It's amazing what can happen when your directorial debut is a PITCH PERFECT success. Other studios want to hand you a lot more responsibility.

That seems to be the case with Elizabeth Banks, who stepped behind the camera for the first time and kept Universal's PITCH PERFECT train rolling satisfyingly. Stemming from that, Sony now wants Banks to handle a franchise of their own - rebooting the CHARLIE'S ANGELS series that stalled out under McG back in 2003 after only two films in the franchise. Banks would also produce with her husband and producing partner Max Handelman while the call goes out for a writer to put a fresh spin on the property for a studio desperate for something of the franchise nature.

CHARLIE'S ANGELS was a big television hit back in the 70s before Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu proved it the female trio of private detectives could make an impact at the box office, too. However, interest waned after a subpar sequel, and things didn't get any better with a failed series attempt on ABC in 2011 that got the axe in 2011.

Sony is ready to go back to the well, and Banks seems like a solid fit, given her success in handling the PITCH PERFECT films right out of the gate. She already is lined up to direct RED QUEEN next, but CHARLIE'S ANGELS is going to immediately rocket up her list of priorities once she signs her name to the line that's dotted.

Now, who do we like for the new set of CHARLIE'S ANGELS? And please don't say Emily Blunt.



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