Elm Street release

Freddy Krueger claw If some of you were hoping that maybe the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake from New Line and Platinum Dunes had maybe stalled indefinitely, bad news. It's most certainly on, especially with the recent FRIDAY THE 13TH remake making oodles of cash at the box office. It's so on, in fact, that New Line has given it an April 16th, 2010 release. What's more, production on the flick is set for next month in Chicago under music video and commercial director Samuel Bayer. The question is now who will be haunting hot young teens' dreams in the film? Will it really be Jackie Earle Haley as has been rumored for some time now (yes, it's been debunked but maybe the producers will actually consider Haley at some point)? What do you guys think about it? Who's your choice for The Krugster? Strike back a little sumthin' sumthin' below.

Extra Tidbit: Craven originally imagined Krueger as a "silent" killer like Jason Voorhees or Mike Myers. But he definitely works better as a wise cracking asshole.
Source: New Line



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