Emile Hirsch will play the late John Belushi in new biopic from Steve Conrad

Last week we reported on casting rumors for the Steve Conrad directed biopic of the late John Belushi and it appears that one of those frontrunners has taken the role. Emile Hirsch (INTO THE WILD, PRINCE AVALANCHE) will portray the famed comedian in the untitled biopic, which will tackle "the iconic comedian’s life as an embodiment of the glory and tragedy of the American dream. The film will explore the height of his fame with films like The Blues Brothers and Animal House, and as a key player in the 1970's on Saturday Night Live, to his shocking death at age 33 in 1982 at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles."

Conrad, who wrote the upcoming Ben Stiller flick THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY is basing the film on the book "Belushi" written by Judith Belushi Pisano and Tanner Colby. The film is being described as an "indie" which I'm guessing is due to a lower budget and desire to tell a more honest, non-Hollywoodized formula biopic. I can certainly respect that. Although I'm sure many will be up-in-arms over the choice of Hirsch as Belushi, I have absolute faith he can pull it off. The actor has more than proven that he's got some strong skill in his trade, especially with flicks like INTO THE WILD, KILLER JOE, and MILK. Fatten him up a bit and he'll be good to go. Won't be the first (or last) time an actor gained or lost weight to play a role.

The UNTITLED JOHN BELUSHI pic is set to shoot in the spring of 2014. Hirsch can next be seen on the small screen in  Bonnie and Clyde and in Peter Berg's LONE SURVIVOR, opening on January 10, 2014.



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