Everybody Wants Some's Tyler Hoechlin will be Supergirl's Superman

If you've been enjoying Supergirl on CBS (soon to be moved to the CW), then you're probably aware that the character of Superman will making his appearance at the start of season 2. Given that DC's television universe is separate from their cinematic variations, that meant a new actor would be taking on the coveted role, and that actor has been found in Tyler Hoechlin, star of Richard Linklater's EVERYBODY WANTS SOME and Derek Hale from Teen Wolf.

While comic book television isn't my particular cup of tea, I thought Hoechlin did a great job in Linklater's latest as a baseball player with a major chip on his shoulder. He certainly carries the look of a Superman, so I'm sure he'll do great in the role. From what I understand, DC has been doing fans right with their television shows, so this should be another welcome addition!

Season 2 of Supergirl will hit the CW this fall.

Source: Deadline



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