Evil Dead 4?

I unfortunately missed the Universal panel at Comic-Con this year, which means I didn't get to see any of the footage of from Sam Raimi's upcoming horror film DRAG ME TO HELL. From what our man Jim Law says (with backup from Ammon Gilbert), the trailer was terrible but the clips kicked ass. Weird that they couldn't get a trailer that was more representative of the film. Anyway, you know that Raimi can't make it through a Comic-Con panel without being asked about a new EVIL DEAD film. This time Raimi threw the fans a bone saying that the project is "in the wheelhouse" and that he and his brother Ted are currently tossing around ideas for a fourth EVIL DEAD. Now it's unclear if he's talking about the supposed EVIL DEAD remake or if this is a Bruce Campbell starring third sequel to the original EVIL DEAD. Either way it looks like some form of EVIL DEAD is on the way and hopefully it's not yet another DVD to fleece horror fans of their money. So which would you rather see? An EVIL DEAD remake or EVIL DEAD 4?

Extra Tidbit: Though most people forget it, the original film was actually titled THE EVIL DEAD.
Source: JoBlo.com



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